The Institute of Navigation’s GNSS+ 2018 Conference provides me the privilege of collaborating with two of the industry’s pillars of expertise. Ohio University Professor Frank van Graas and I are offering fundamental and advanced tutorials.  Then on the last day of the conference I’m coauthored with William Woodward, Chairman of SAE Int’l Aerospace Avionics Systems Division and hardware lead for next generation Resilient EGI (abstract on IoN’s website). The paper, our strong response to obstacles confronting position, navigation, and timing (PNT) from a large and growing array of challenges, describes
* a frank assessment of our industry’s glacial response to those challenges
* a fundamental step in the direction toward mitigating those obstacles
* how that step will enable several innovations discussed on the same website where a recent post cites a 3.5-day course expanding on the tutorials just announced. Both that course and the latter of those tutorials include, with registration, the book documenting the innovations and results with in-flight data.