An overdue update of this site was recently done. The “Video” panel has recent additions, and a ‘miscellaneous’ (“Misc”) panel was added (to describe some work that was never published and/or never completed).  From time to time more uploads will be added to that and other panels (e.g., “Published Articles” or “1 Page Summaries” plus blogs. URLs that were changed after being cited here are being either replaced or deleted.

Several external URLs (e.g., at zine sites that hosted columns I wrote) were subsequently changed, causing broken links.  I had to fix those from time to time (admittedly the repairs haven’t been made often enough).

In regard to comments, trackbacks, link swap offers, etc. — I can’t keep up with deletions of all the extraneous ones. The only way to avoid being overrun is to disallow everything from outside from this point forward, with the contact page as the only exception. Spammers have “won” too many battles of this type, I realize, but administering penalties they deserve is a responsibility beyond my reach. The goal here, as always, is to provide useful info to those with an interest in areas where I’ve been privileged to work.

One final observation: It is not “SEO-friendly” to include, among blogs, tributes to individuals who have passed on.  Nevertheless, I do that in special cases; giving credit where credit is due is more important to me.