This book, written just as GPS was emerging  from its experimental stage, supplies fundamental theory and development useful for those not yet immersed in satellite and/or inertial navigation.   After five hard cover printings it is now available in paperback.  Abundant commendations were received from courses I taught with this book in the 1980s and 1990s but, in preference to older endorsements, the following — much later — testimonials from Profs. H.B. Hablani (1; IIT Bombay) and Xin Zhang, (2; Shanghai Jiao Tong University) are quoted here:


1. “I find your book Integrated Aircraft Navigation awesome. The more I read it the more admiration I develop for it.  It’s math is precise, concise, clear,and applications to real life are illuminating and fascinating.  I wonder if you had worked on this subject for decades before writing this book.”

 2. “Compared to other treatments of the topics, this book is really well written, full of insights, both in INS navigation and integration … The problems are also very instructive and helpful and may well fit for classroom use even in these days … I myself will adopt it for my MSc and PhD students ”