In addition to the excerpt from my book plus various PDFs  available from this site, I am compiling 1-page capsule review discussions.  Each will summarize a specific aspect from a chosen topic (Kalman filtering, inertial nav, GPS/GNSS issues, tracking, support functions, etc.).  Since one page cannot allow much analytical development, means for further investigation will be provided.  In many cases that need is met by relating the discussion to book sections and/or specified published manuscripts.

A partial listing:

  • GNSS Aided Navigation and Tracking: Inertially Augmented or Autonomous –  click here
  • Robust Design for GPS/GNSS –  click here
  • Flight Test Sample Reuslts – click here
  • Differential GPS – click here

One more item made available from here is a set of all MATLAB files in the book. To view the rest of my summaries check my blogs. You can search them by category or by posting date found in the right hand column.  Items available for download and printing from this site, primarily from those blogs,  will eventually grow to over seventy.